Jeet Singh Negi


    Jeet Singh Negi

     Birth:  February 2, 1927
     Birth Place: Village - Ayal (Pauri)
     Father:  Sri. Sultan Singh Negi
     Mother:  Smt. Roop Devi Negi
     Profession:  Writer, Folk Singer
     Current Resident:  Dharmpur (Dehradun)
     Other Name  Garhwali Sehgal

    ‌Shri Jeet Singh Negi, a sparkling star from the cultural horizons of Uttarakhand, is a famous Garhwali folk songs creator and singer. His dedication towards the upliftment of the healthy traditions like mountain culture, language, folk songs, folk dance, folk music etc, being a descendant of Garhwali Sehgal, adds more to his distinctive aura. He represents the essence of the mountainous life, through his songs, dance-dramas, and song-plays in a very lively and effective manner.


    ‌Jeet Singh Negi was born to Sultan Singh Negi and Roop Devi Negi, on 2nd February 1925, in Ayal village of Pauri, Patti – Pedulasu. He was lucky to complete his education from different places as well, other than Pauri. He also went to Lahore, Pakistan for education. At a very young age, Shri Negi went to Burma with his father, where he received his elementary education; also his interest towards music grew. Being from mountains, he already had the impression of folk songs in his mind, and his attraction towards Bollywood movies, and singers like Manna De and K.L Sehgal, further inspired him to write songs.


    ‌His golden journey began in his student life, when in 1942 he performed his self written Garhwali song on Paudi. Singing the folk songs in his melodious voice made him famous. His life took a great turn in 1949, when the Young India Gramophone Company invited him to Mumbai, where he recorded his very popular and appreciated first six songs. In 1952, Jeet Singh Negi successfully staged the drama "Bhari Bhool", under the aegis of Garhwal Bhartru Mandal Mumbai. After this, in 1954-55, Shri Negi directed and staged the above drama from the platform of Himalaya Art Sangam, Delhi. In Dehradun (1970), Shri Jeet Singh Negi composed and performed an exciting play “Maletha Ki Kool”, based on the event of the creation of the Malletha village by the commander of Tehri, Shri Madho Singh Bhandari. Other than this, “Jitu Baghwal”, a famous Garhwali folklore, based on the life of popular flute player, was performed in Dehradun and Chandigarh, in 1984 and 1987, respectively. 'Tu Holi Uncha Dandu Maa Veera Ghasariy Ku Bhesh Maa' was the first folk song to get recognition as the most popular song by the Indian Census Survey Department in 1961. His songs, 'Rami', 'Raju Postman' gathered a lot of fame. Also, many of Shri Jeet Singh Negi’s songs have been broadcasted at Aakashvani Najibabad, Delhi, and Lucknow. The Hindi adaptation of his play ‘Rami’ got the privilege to get broadcasted on Doordarshan, Delhi, and many movies have also been released based on his compositions. Shri Negi has also earned a record on his name for recording eight Garhwali songs for HMB and Colombian Gramophone Company, in 1957 and 1964, respectively. He also marked his success through the songs and dialogues from the famous Garhwali film ‘Meri Pyari Boi’.


    ‌Shri Jeet Singh Negi was awarded the Legendary Singer award, along with him, the famous folk singer Chandra Singh Rahi was honored with 'Young Uttarakhand Life Time Achievement'. Also, the songs of Shri Negi been compiled as a book by the Cultural Department. This is none the less than an award, that his songs from 1950s and 60s era have been included in the book named Mayara Geet. These songs are considered as cultural heritage of Uttarakhand, as they were quite popular in their time in the Garhwal and Kumaon regions.

    ‌There is no comparison of Shri Negi in the terms of expressing social concerns, political aspirations and religious views in the ancient and modern surroundings of Garhwal, through his songs and dramas. Jeet Singh Negi has practiced and worked on almost all the modes of mountain life, and thus is an outstanding example of those researching on the vocals and rhythm of Garhwali folklore. To tell the reputation of Shri Negi, his association with countless national and international cultural organizations, and various ranks and awards are enough. Jeet Singh Negi can be considered as the source inspiration and the god father for the today’s song writers and musicians. The melody and serenity in his voice till date still inspires us.

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