Sankalp Khetwal

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    Santosh Khetwal

     Birth:  March 12, 1995
     Birth Place: Uttarkashi
     Father:  Mr. Santosh Khetwal
     Mother:  Mrs. Puspa Devi
     Profession:  Singer, Musician

    The youth of Uttarakhand has left an indelible impression of their talent at all levels, and in every field. After Zubin Nautiyal, Sankalp Khetwal, has spell the magic of his voice in the world of music and also made his people crazy from Uttarakhand with his fortified songs, even though he also spread the magic of his voice in the music show 'Rising Star' and introduced Pahari talent to the whole country.


    Sankalp Khetwal was born on March 12, 1995 in Uttarkashi. Uttarkashi is among one of the special places in Uttarakhand. But after his birth, his parents brought him to Dehradun and then he completed his study from schooling to masters in Dehradun. His father Santosh Khetwal is well known folk singer and his mother's name is Pushpa Devi. Santosh has two sisters and a younger brother. His elder sister is a doctor and his younger sister is a teacher.


    Following tenth and twelfth from Dehradun, Sankalp has started taking music training from music college. Although his father says that he has been learning music for the past 15 years due to which he has made his name in the show rising star without taking help from anyone and made the whole Uttarakhand famous.


    His whole family belongs to a musical family that brings Sankalp interest in music since his childhood. After knowing his interest, his father started giving him training at home. In 2014, Sankalp first audio cassette was released, which was named as “Maina Syali”. Everyone liked his music very much, and after this success, In 2016 he launched his another album named Bajuli Re.

    Work of Sankalp

    Rightnow Sankalp is engaged in completing his training. Along with it, he also runs one of his bands named Bhairavach. He named his band by the name of god Bhairav Baba of Uttarakhand. Along with this, he is also preparing to launch his another cassette named roopa with his father and brother.

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