Narendra Singh Negi - Garh Ratan

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     Narendra Singh Negi

     Born: August 12, 1949 
     Birth Place:  Pauri 
     Father:  Mr. Umrav Singh Negi 
     Mother:  Mrs. Samundra Devi 
     Wife:  Mrs. Usha Negi 
     Children:  Kavilas and Ritu 
     Education:  Graduate (Bachelor in Music) 
     Nickname:  Gadh Gaurav, Gadhratna
     Occupation:  Singer, Songwriter, Writer

    Possessor of divine voice for Uttarakhand and a redefined exponent of the problems of hilly areas, Narendra singh negi, provided the folk music of Uttarakhand with the zenith of popularity as well as with a great depth of realisations to the people who share an intimacy to this land of heritages.

    On one hand when he cordially realises the pathetic condition of the female folk of this region, the other hand he is quite successful in conveying the message of the teary and weary eyes of the rejected elderly folk of Uttarakahd. Economic disparities of Uttarakhand which resulted in large scale migration from here also find their deep representation in his songs. One can find an intense anguish for the degenerating rich cultural possession of state in his songs. He has aired well the mostly untouched segments of society. The richness of folk words and perceivable expressions has made his songs widely popular.

    Birth and Parentage

    He is born on 12 august 1949 at pauri district . After completing his education, he had started his career from pauri only. The festival of Baishaki is celebrated at pauri with great zeal. Hearing the folk songs like Baajuband and Jhumelo at Pauri, he got his inspiration for folk music. He has five sisters and two brothers at home. The conditions of poverty has driven him towards earnings a livelihood from singing with a heart full of pains for unfavourable situations.


    Having completed his studies, Negi ji learnt percussion(Tabla) from his brother. He had written and composed the first song of his career in 1974. This song was telecasted by the Lucknow Radio station in 1976. He has started his career with Garhwali Geetmala and it was released in ten parts. The first album released by Negiji was came out with the title Buransh. He has provided direction to several Garhwali films too. Five Garhwali films namely- Ghar Jawein, Kauthig, Beti bwari, Batwaru and Chakrachal have received the music and composing from Negiji. In 1982, he released his first audio cassette “Debra Herchi Geni”. He also writes poems as well. He has sang almost thousand songs till now.


    The songs of Negi ji always convey a social message within them. These issue are utterly witnessed by him. Whatever message he conveys through his song, he himself follows it first. For instance, once he had to record a song on the prohibition of animal sacrifice as a ritual. Prior to this he himself quit the consumption of egg and meat.

    Mrs. Usha negi , his wife is also a very good writer and publishes her books as well. The book titled Akshat written on the personality of Negi ji has recived a ceremonial release at Pauri.

    Award and achievement

    Considering the services provided by Negi ji as a milestone in the field of folk singing, many awards and reverence has been bestowed upon him. Titles including Garh Gaurav, Garh Ratna have received by him. The governments of Uttarakhand, Mumbai, Chandigarh etc have provided titles and award to him. The Radio station (Lucknow), 8 and 10 Garhwali Rifles, Uttarakhand researches institution and many more institution has awarded this genius artist of Uttarakhand folk music and singing.

    Main Albums of Negi ji

    ● Chhuyal
    ● Dagdiya
    ● Ghasiyari
    ● Haldi Hath
    ● Housiya Umar
    ● Dhari Devi
    ● Nouchmi Narena
    ● Rumuk
    ● Salyan sayali
    ● Kaithe Khojyani Holi
    ● Maya ko Mundaro
    ● Nayu Nayu Byo
    ● Samdola ka dwi din

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